The most popular accommodation option for crews competing at the Medemblik Regatta C.jsentre is bungalow park accommodation.  There are two main bungalow parks, one immediately adjacent to the regatta centre and one a few minutes walk/cycle/drive out of town.

Zuider-Zee Bungalowpark - (closest to the club) offers a range of attractive canal side bungalow accommodation with 3 and 4 bedrooms (up to 10 people).  Some of these bungalows even have the added attraction of a sauna. Boats can also be rented with your bungalow to make getting into town and back all the more fun.

Bungalowpark de Vlietlanden - offers a range of attractive canal side bungalows accommodating from 4-8 people.

There is just one main hotel in the town – Hotel Medemblik -

The Medemblik Regatta C.jsentre’s accommodation listings can be found at

In addition there are various private rental homes and other accommodations listed at the regional tourist office – see